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America! Beware Of The Bilderberg Meeting In Switzerland

To all American patriots and freedom loving patriots everywhere in the world…if you can afford it…  go to Switzerland to join the protest against the Bilderberg group's meeting in session. They are there right now plotting their agenda of what evil they want to terrorize humanity with next.   ūüôĀ I'm listening to prison planet tv and watching […]

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America, Use Your Freedom or Lose It

Sometimes it is hard to figure out just how many people are paying attention to what’s happening to our unalienable rights. Did you know that Congress passed a law that in the next few years Americans will only be able to purchase cancer causing, mercury filled, spiral, florescent light bulbs from China? And that it […]

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America Is Envied By United Nation’s Cronies

Although the United Nations claims to be a governing body whose purpose is to help all nations in the world, their track record shows them to be evil, self serving bullies. They use America to do their dirty work while trying to take her under for the count. President George W. Bush even said …

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